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The United States Beet Sugar Association is a government affairs and industry trade association founded in Washington, DC in 1911, and membership in the organization is limited to manufacturers of beet sugar in the United States. Currently, there are eight such firms, operating 22 factories that process refined white sugar from sugarbeets grown in eleven states1. The U.S. beet sugar processing industry is 100% farmer-owned cooperative in structure, and every factory operates with organized union workers.

The United States Beet Sugar Association is represented by James W. Johnson, who joined the Association in 1989, and became its President in 1999. Additionally, Cassie Bladow is the Vice President and Hillary Fabrico is the Government Affairs Manager. The Association's policies are determined by a Board of Trustees composed of a senior management officer from each member-company. Under its articles of incorporation, the Association's expressed purposes include:

  • The collection and distribution of authentic information concerning the sugar industry…
  • Encouraging the interchange of ideas…
  • Promoting the honorable, economical, efficient and useful conduct of the beet sugar industry in the United States…

The Association represents the industry before the legislative and executive branches of the Federal Government and monitors related activities in the Nation's Capitol. It communicates to its membership-as well as to the general public-concerning events and issues appropriate to the Association's founding mission, and helps coordinate activities of mutual interest with other segments of the domestic sugar and sweetener producing industry as well as other general agri-business and farm commodity groups.


1 CA, CO, ID, MI, MN, MT, NE, ND, OR, WA, WY

May 2015

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