Beet Sugar Processing Companies in the United States
(U.S. Beet Sugar Association member-companies & Board of Trustees in bold)

Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC  Spreckels Sugar Company 
(Grower-owned cooperative operating 3 factories in Idaho.)  (Owned by Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative) 
John C. McCreedy, president & CEO  Ian O’Connell, VP of Finance & CFO
1951 S. Saturn Way, Suite 100  P.O. Box 500 
Boise, ID 83709  Renville, MN 56284 
(208)383-6500 office (208)383-6688 fax  (320)329-8305 office (320)329-3252 fax  Ian.O’ 
American Crystal Sugar Company  Western Sugar Cooperative 
(Grower-owned cooperative operating 5 factories: 3-MN, 2-ND)  (Grower-owned cooperative operating 5 factories: 1-CO, 1-NE, 1-MT, 2-WY) 
Thomas S. Astrup, president & CEO  Rodney D. Perry, president & CEO 
101 North Third Street  7555 East Hampden Avenue, Suite 600 
Moorhead, MN 56560  Denver, CO 80231 
(218)236-4400 office (218)236-4422 fax  (303) 813-3500 office (303) 813-3555 fax 
Michigan Sugar Company  Wyoming Sugar Company, LLC 
(Grower-owned cooperative operating 4 factories in MI)  (Grower-owned cooperative: 1 factory in WY) 
Mark S. Flegenheimer, president & CEO  Michael Greear, president & CEO 
2600 South Euclid Avenue  P.O. Box 468 
Bay City, MI 48706  Worland, WY 82401 
(989)686-0161 office (989)686-3269 fax  (307) 347-3261 ext. 200 (307) 347-4818 fax 
Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative 
(Grower-owned cooperative operating 1 factory in ND)  U.S. beet sugar processors are represented by: 
Kurt Wickstrom, president & CEO 
7525 Red River Road  U.S. Beet Sugar Association 
Wahpeton, ND 58075  1156 Fifteenth Street, N.W., Suite 1019 
(701)642-8411 office (701)671-1369 fax  Washington, DC 20005  (202)296-4820 office (202)331-2065 fax 
Sidney Sugars Incorporated  Brian Baenig, President 
(Owned by American Crystal Sugar Co.: 1 factory in MT) 
Brian Ingulsrud, President
101 North Third Street  Cassie Bladow, Vice President
Moorhead, MN 56560 
(218)236-4400 office (218)236-4422 fax  Libby Hogen-Heath, Director of Administration 
Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative  
(Grower-owned cooperative operating 3 factories in Idaho.)  
(Grower-owned cooperative operating 1 factory in MN; 
also owns Spreckels Sugar Company) 
Jeff Rustvang, Government Affairs Manager 
Steven J. Domm, President & CEO 
P.O. Box 500 
Renville, MN 56284 
(320)329-8305 office (320)329-3252 fax 

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Total: 22 factories in 9 states
May 2, 2017

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American Crystal Sugar Company Spreckles Sugar Company Amalgamated Sugar Company Sidney Sugars Incorporated Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative Western Sugar Cooperative Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative Michigan Sugar Company

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